Dear esteemed colleagues Board Members, Members of the CBC,
It is my great honor and privilege to be appointed as the President of the Cambodia Business Council in Thailand for this 2nd mandate.
The Cambodia Business Council is established to enhance and strengthen economic ties between Cambodia and Thailand. In light of this, I would like to share some of the inputs we hope to make in the coming year. In Cambodia and Thailand, I have seen numerous opportunities to collaborate with some established associations and potential divisions in order to encourage more members to participate in economics, trade, and social cooperation. Henceforward, the CBC commits to opening up more economic and educational opportunities so that we may also begin advancing more cultural exchanges, social networks and other community-focused initiatives.
Despite the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the high vaccination rate has enabled a progressive return to our economic growth. I can therefore say that the bilateral trade between the two countries has recently shown an increase, which has been advantageous and encouraging for both regions.
More importantly, CBC aims to inform and guide investors who are interested in entering the Cambodian market to do business. Part of our mission is to serve and facilitate as the initial point of contact for Thai and Cambodian investors to arrange their ventures in.
Overall, CBC is here to support our members and we should be able to find ways to partner and share opportunities faster in expanding the economy of our region.
Thank you once again for your cooperation and we look forward to it!


Okhna Rathanak Sambath