Your Excellency,


Dear esteemed colleagues Board Members, Members of the CBC.


It is my great honor and privilege to be appointed as the President of the first Cambodia Business Council in Thailand. I would like to take this great opportunity to present an overview of our program for the next 2 years during my first mandate. We aim to favor commercial trade.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have faced the hardship which sustains our country’s trade and economic growth as well as stability, thus we must look at what is around us and who is around us. We strongly believe that we have a major card to play with our neighboring countries especially within the ASEAN community.


Sharing with you my own experiences, I used to live and work in Thailand during the past 6 years. I know and understand the importance of building bridge between both kingdoms. It is not only about commerce, trade and economy but also about exchanging our cultures, our visions and our tourism network. Therefore, the idea of establishing the CBC in Thailand has become obvious to me. We both have our strength and weakness, but we can use them to develop and strengthen our relationship.


According to the guidance of our Ministry of Foreign Affair through Deputy Prime Minister Prak Sokhonn and the leadership of the Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen, the CBC will implement this doctrine. Cambodia is not Thailand and Thailand is not Cambodia, I do believe that we can complement each other. Now it is not about how much you have in your assets but it is about what you do with what you have. A young population such as Cambodia can look at Thailand and learn how to participate in the economic growth in the region. If we learn how to work together as partners, setting clear goals we should be able to move with efficiency. Let’s not be confused with movement and progress. These are the principles that I would like to implement within this mandate. As we all know that the CBC aims to be a one-step service for companies that would like to start business in Cambodia. But our mission is also to guide what makes us unique to be in Thailand and Thai products to be in Cambodia. So together when we join all our forces as partners, we will become stronger to face this globalization.


Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Your Excellency and all members. Thank you and let’s start working together!